Essay on With a Smile

* 14% of men said that they were doing not enjoy sex the very first time. * 60 per cent of women say they did not really enjoy sexual their first time. DID YOU KNOW? В



Based on the Museum of Sex, the vibrator was originally employed as a medicinal treatment for female " hysteria" throughout the 19th hundred years. The vibrator-induced orgasms helped doctors dissipate hysteria's anxiety-related symptoms. STATE CHEESE!

Seminal fluid contains zinc and calcium supplements, both of that happen to be proven to prevent tooth rot. HOP TO IT

The iconic " Rabbit" is renowned for 2 things: excellent orgasmic pleasure results and an odd smiley face about its tip. В Women's HealthВ tells us the smiley confront was actually a direct result conservative Japan customs. Apparently, Japanese customers frown after " the availability of sex toys that too tightly resemble phalluses, " and so the smiley face was added. DOES THIS INDIVIDUAL MEASURE UP?

The typical size of a great erect penile is five inches, as well as the average flaccid penis steps about 3 inches. WILL HE MEASURE?

The average scale an erect penis is definitely five in ., and the normal flaccid penile measures regarding 3 inches wide. THE MISERABLE TRUTH

Whilst this sexual fact is neither entertaining nor humorous, it's shocking to note that homosexuality remained on the American Psychiatric Association's list of mental health issues until 1973. PROTECT OUR TROOPS

Today the government issues " Support our Troops" paraphernalia; however government-issued pamphlets and video clips featured a slightly different slogan during the WWII era – " Remember – Use it before putting it in. " During World War II, many soldiers returned home with venereal illnesses, costing the federal government millions of dollars in medical expenses. WORK THIS

Hate a fitness center? You lose about two hundred calories during 30 minutes of active love-making.


Burlesque outfits are the quintessential sexy – think Dita Von Teese and underwear; however , a number of centuries ago, the outfits had a different purpose. Based on the Museum of Sex, merkins (the lower part half...


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