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Supplement C


The lab is made up in determining the nutritional C attention in a remedy by a redox titration using iodine. Supplement C (ascorbic acid) is known as a water-soluble, vital oxidant that plays a huge role in the safeguard of the physique from infections and disease it is obtained from principal fruits and vegetables. With the aid of different components as normal orange drink, Tampico (chemical orange juice) and other solutions that contain nutritional C we will find the amount of vitamin C in these concentrations with the help of iodine, and with that info we can assess the difference which exist between the solutions and get to a realization of how the amount of vitamin C changes in the two types of solutions.


Independent varying: Orange drink and Tampico.

Dependent variable: Amount of vitamin C each test contains.

Manipulated variable: Used amount of iodine.

Out of control variable: Time.


2. 50 ml burette and stand

2. 100 ml or 2 hundred ml volumetric flask

2. 20 cubic centimeters pipette

5. 10 cubic centimeters and 90 ml managed to graduate cylinders

5. 250 ml Erlenmeyer flasks


5. Iodine solution (0, 005 mol/l)

* Starch Indication solution (0, 5%)

2. Ascorbic chemical p standard (1mg/ml)

* Natural Orange juice

* Tampico orange juice

Safety rules:

General basic safety rules:

Make use of a labcode always.

Pick up hair.

Always have you hands as well as your materials clean.

Specific rules:

Be careful to drip the solution of iodine, or any type of of the solutions used.

Make sure you use appropriately the components because this can modify your data.

Be careful with the materials, mostly people of glass.


1 . Use the Erlenmeyer flask to mix 150 cubic centimeters of drinking water, 10 cubic centimeters of normal orange drink and 12 ml of starch indicator.

2 . After those alternatives are mixed in the flask, start putting little by little the iodine answer into the flask, while accomplishing this mix the perfect solution with the iodine until the opening solution begin changing color to a violet grayish develop. Be careful with pouring excessive iodine right up until the solution turns orange or maybe a dark gray.

3. Because you pour the iodine in the flask be aware of how much iodine was in the bourete at the beginning and how a lot of iodine is definitely left right up until you get the result searched for this research. Calculate the quantity of iodine solution used by subtracting the ending and beginning quantities. The amount of iodine used will determine the vitamin C content of the solution.

5. Repeat a similar process as often as necessary to collect the enough amount of data collection.

5. Repeat the complete process good results . the solution of Tampico (chemical orange juice), collect the info to match up against the benefits of the orange juice supplement C.

Organic Data:

Natural orange drink table

twelve ml of orange juice + 150 ml of water & 10 milliliters starch answer

Number of trial Initial amount of iodine (g В± zero. 1 g) Final volume of iodine (g В± zero. 1 g) Total amount of used iodine

1 zero, 0 7, 7 7, 7

2 7, six 14, 5 6, 7

3 0, 0 8, 9 almost 8, 9

5 8, on the lookout for 15, 3 6, 4

5 zero, 0 6th, 2 6, 2

six 6, 2 13 6, 8

Typical: 7, 1

Tampico fruit juice stand

10 ml of Tampico orange juice + 150 ml of water & 10 milliliters starch answer

Number of trial Initial amount of iodine (ml В± zero. 1 ml) Final amount of iodine (ml В± 0. 1 ml) Total amount of used iodine

1 zero, 0 5, 9 a few, 9

two 5, 9 11, almost eight 5, being unfaithful

3 zero, 0 your five, 3 a few, 3

some 5, three or more 10, on the lookout for 5

5 0, zero 5, being unfaithful 5, 9

6 five, 9 12, 4 6, 5

Typical: 5, 75

Data processing:

Concentration with the solution: 1 g/l

Volume of ascorbic acid used in the Erlenmeyer flask: 10 ml

Amount of vitamin C in standard: 1 g/1000ml Г— 12 ml = 0, 01 g of vitamin C

Calculating the quantity of Vitamin C in the natural orange drink by the contact form:

Amount of vitamin C in normal = Volume of vitamin C in sample

Volumeiodine standard Volumeiodine sample

Volumeiodine standard (average): 7, one particular

Volumeiodine test (total amount of used iodine, trial 1): 7, several

Number of trial Amount of...


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