vital indicators Essay

vital signs and calculating vocab phase 24

AFEBRILE- lack of fever

APICAL- a website for computing heart rate which has a stethoscope

APNEA- lack of normal deep breathing

ARRHYTHMIA- deviation by normal style or tempo of heart beat

BRADYCARDIA- slow regular heartbeat 60 beats or perhaps less

BRADYPNEA- abnormally slowed respitory rate

DIASTOLE- resting heart rate of blood pressure way of measuring

DYSPNEA- shortness of breath or labored/ challenging breathing

FEBRILE- possessing a fever

HYPERTENSION- high blood pressure 140/90 consistently high

HYPERVENTILATION- reduce respiration charge w/shallow depth of respiration

ORTHOPNEA- difficulty in breathing in any position except up proper

PYREXIA- another expression for fever


TACHYCARDIA- fast heartbeat greater than 75 per min

WHEEZES- high frequency sound observed during expiration often brought on by obstruction or narrowing of respiratory pathways

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1 . Hair- The fabric that make up curly hair are composed from the protein keratin, the same hard protein material that seems the cellular material of the skin. The process of locks formulation is much like the process of growth in the epidermal layer from the skin.

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3. Dermis- Is the middle layer of skin, located between the pores and skin and the subcutaneous layer. Thier name means...


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