Tourism in Developing Countries Essay


Leakage occurs through six diverse mechanisms.[2] Costly intrinsic component of international travel and leisure and thus is present in every region, to widely varying degrees.[3]

Services and goods[edit]

Many countries must purchase goods and services to satisfy their guests. This includes the price of raw materials accustomed to make tourism-related goods, including souvenirs. Pertaining to starting tourism industries, this can be a significant issue, as some countries must import as much as fifty percent of tourism-related products.


A lot of less monetarily developed countries do not have the domestic capability to build tourism-related infrastructure (hotels, airports, and so forth ). The cost of such system is then leaked out of the country.

Overseas factors of production[edit]

Smaller sized countries generally require international investment to begin their travel industry. As a result, profits coming from tourism may be lost to foreign traders. In addition , travel agents outside of the destination nation remove cash from that marketplace as well.

Promotional expenses[edit]

Many countries spend substantial sums of money for adverts and advertising. Maintaining a presence overseas may raise the volume of visitors to a country but also represent a substantial loss of funds to foreign markets.

Transfer prices[edit]

Many overseas companies shape their charges to reduce taxes and other responsibilities. In smaller sized or significantly less developed countries, where various tourism-related companies may be international owned, this may represent a considerable loss of income.

Tax exemptions[edit]

Countries with a little tourism industry may have to provide tax exemptions or additional offers to enhance foreign expense. While this might enlarge the tourism industry there, it should be taken into account because an instrument of income damage.


A study of tourism 'leakage' in Thailand estimated that 70% of money spent simply by tourists wound up leaving Asia (via...


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