The Impact of Alcohol Sponsorship of Sporting Events on Intake of Liquor Amongst Students: a Research Proposal Essay

Research Problem

This research study is designed to identify the effects around the perceptions of alcohol amidst Australian high school students caused by alcohol sponsorship of sporting groups and incidents.


The seeks of this exploration are to identify:

•How small Australians perceive alcohol and what effects sport sponsorship has on these kinds of perceptions •Attitudes towards drinking and how these are generally effected by sport support


Although research has been conducted internationally there is no Australian research evaluating this issue inside the Australian world. This exploration establishes the connection between alcoholic beverages sponsorship of Australian sports and the perceptions and behaviour held by Australian teens towards alcohol. The research will even determine if the greater result is got on men than females or the other way round and how the results differ based on age and social demographics. It is important to determine whether alcohol sponsorship of sporting events can be contributing to the introduction of alcohol related problems and alcoholism to be able to assess whether further limitations need to be put in place.

Literature Review

There is much conjecture around the issue of alcoholic beverages companies sponsoring sporting groups and occasions. Many groupings believe that a ban similar to that placed on cigarettes companies should be placed on alcoholic beverages companies (Jones, 2010) considering that alcohol businesses benefit from the connection with top notch athletes plus the perception of any healthy life-style (Rehm & Kanteres, 2008). While worries are expressed from sporting bodies that the significant loss of revenue which in turn would result from banning liquor sponsorships outweighs any cultural benefits; a solution was located for lapsed tobacco sponsorships which were substituted by well being promotion businesses (D'Arcy, ou al., 1997). Many commonalities have been driven between tobacco and alcoholic beverages sponsorships plus some researchers have got suggested the fact that sponsorships become advertising targeted at children and adolescents (Ledwith, 1984; Maher, Wilson, Signal, & Thomson, 2006). There is still insufficent evidence to determine the effect of liquor sponsorshi s on children's attitudes towards alcohol; on the other hand sponsorship truly does allow for advertising during kids viewing moments, not otherwise permitted (Jones, 2010). This review discusses studies on both alcoholic beverages and cigarette sponsorships of sporting events coming from various countries and how they have affected landscapes of liquor and tobacco companies, sportsmen and cultural norms.

There is significant evidence to suggest that the partnership between alocohol and sport influences the attitudes and behaviours of sports supporters; Nelson & Weschler (2003) found that young sporting activities fans drink significantly more alcohol and experience even more alcohol-related concerns. While Williams (2010) identified the relationship between alcohol and sport like a key cvontributor to liquor related injury in Australia. It has also been found that alcohol advertising and marketing influences youthful peoples' drinking intentions (Stacy, Zogg, Unger, & Damage, 2004) and perceptions of drinking as being a normative conduct (Caswell, 1995). For these reasons television set advertising simply by alcohol businesses is certainly not permitted during children's browsing times; on the other hand loophole is available which allows intended for an exception during sporting events televised during these time periods on trips and public holidays (Jones, 2010). This is certainly a major motivation for liquor companies to sponsor wearing teams and events; additionally they are able to improve their image by associating which has a healthy activity which can typically obscure the risks connected with consumption with their products (McDaniel & Heald, 2000; Maher, Wilson, Signal, & Thomson, 2006; Rehm & Kanteres, 2008). Crompton (1993, p. 162) contends that sponsorship by alcoholic beverages companies helps bring about the image that alcohol is usually " not so different from carbonated drinks, and its negative consequences such as traffic...

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