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St . Nicolas College

College of Generous Arts


1 Session


Viewers: First Year College-First Term

Topic: Salvation History: Older Testament

Sort of Materials: FLAT SCREEN, laptop

Range of Sessions: 18 meetings/78 several hours

Length of Time: one hour and thirty minutes


Our school St Nicolas College of Organization and Technology, City of San Fernando Pampanga is presently applying like a Catholic Institution. One of the requirements demanded by Commission about Higher Education (CHED) is to be employed by catechetical supplies indicating means help each of our students get involved more definitely in our trust despite the fact that a few of our students were not created from Catholic School. Through this Catechetical materials that is to be produced, the students are to be assisted on how to genuinely appreciate the Aged Testament with all the touch of Salvation History.

Specifically, the material aims at exposing the ideals that the pupils could possibly adjust from the theories of the Old Testament. Perform they gain benefit evidence of our faith, record, and knowledge of the nature of God and of person? Knowing that they can be in the School Level, the context in the catechesis being expounded is actually experiential in approach. That basically issues the students to make use of the knowledge with their faith in various human conditions. The relation of the experience of the persons of God into the experience of the college students must be integrated. Hence, the students must be capable of situate themselves with the diverse signification in the biblical theme and circumstance. An experiential approach to this Testament can be helpful in boosting the interest in the students in the study of scriptures and may even guide these to response in the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. COURSE CODE: SS info


Initially Year University:

First Term: SS information Salvation History/The

Old Testament

Second Semester: SS 102 Christology/New



Second Season College:

Initial Semester: THEO 101 Meaningful Theology

Second Semester: THEO 102 Catholic Social



This course will certainly explain study the world of the Pentateuch, Historic Books and the Prophetical Ebooks, its individuals and cultures and stresses in its material how the Older Testament is read in its own term but beneath the guiding light of Jesus Christ. An outline of each and every book and message will probably be presented. Pupil will be uncovered briefly towards the critical analyze of the Hebrew Bible, with special focus on the fulfilment of The lord's promise of your redeemer taken place in Jesus Christ. Finally, the Testament assurance of salvation and redemption experienced in exodus and return from exile will be fully realized in Christ Christ's redemptive sacrifice that provides encouragement and hope inside the life of the Church today. In type, critical and pastoral go through the importance of the salvific fate in the Old Testament to get today and exactly how we can apply it in our educating and living. CREDITS: a few units


At the end of this course, the students are expected to:

1 .

2 .



a few.


know the different piece and parts of the Old Legs

better understand the various methods and issues involved in studying the Old Legs and as active heritage section of the Catholic Christian tradition that touches all their conviction, lifestyle, and worship to have a further and more important appreciation and present the fundamental meaning contained in the Old Legs themes on creation, sin, call, covenant, prophets figure out how to read in its own terms but beneath the guiding mild of our Head of the family Jesus Christ and reveals the Triune The almighty

address and response to the social complications encounter by the Christians in the postmodern world to develop one's hope and relationship with Jesus Christ in the process of the study


Required Textual content: Salvation Record: The Old Legs by Doctor...

References: Broadt, Lawrence. 1984. Reading this Testament. New York. St . Paulist Philippines

Catechism for Filipino Catholics (CFC). Catholic Bishops' Conference from the Philippines

Blind Constitution Upon Divine Revelation Dei Verbum Solemnly Promulgated by His Holiness Pope Paul NI On

November 18, 1965

Roche, SJ., Fr. Joseph L. 2008. Practical Catechesis: The Christian Faith as a Way of Life. Phoenix Submitting House.

Navidad, Maria Lucia C. 06\. Salvation Record: Old Legs. Q. C. Ateneo De Manila University or college Press.

three or more

Prepared by: Hadje C. Sadje, Prince Goddy G. Suntan and Ronald M. Sabado



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