Sector Smart Gdp Dissertation

CONTRIBUTION OF CULTURE, INDUSTRIES AND SERVICE SECTORTO GDP IN BANGLADESH BY LATE 1950 TO TILL NOW Gross domestic product refers to the industry value coming from all officially identified final services and goods produced in a country within a given period. GDP every capita is often considered a great indicator of a country's standard living. Economy of Bangladesh is composed of 3 main groups 1) Agriculture, 2) Market, 3) Service. Sector Sensible GDP difference in percentage:

Year| Sector Smart GDP Difference in percentage

| Agriculture| Industry| Service| Total

1941-1950| 70| 4| 26| 90

1951-1960| 62| 5| 33| 100

1961-1970| 55| 10| 35| 90

1971-1980| 44| 11| 45| 100

1981-1990| 32| 12| 56| 75

1991-2000| 25| 15| 60| 100

2001- 2011| 18| 30| 52| 100

[Source: & ] Graphical Representation:

We see theВ agriculture sector reducing growth rateВ during 1941-2011; farming sector contributed 70% of total GDP in 1950. Now cultivation sector provides decreased to 18% this summer. ItВ is extremely catastrophic matter for our country mainly because most of each of our village persons depend onВ agriculture. Growth rate during 1941-2011, Industry sector's contribution has been increasing, even though veryВ slowly; В itВ has aВ goodВ impactВ onВ our economic system andВ ourВ movement towardsВ theВ modernВ fastВ world. В The sectorВ has jumpedВ toВ 30% fromВ 15% in2001-20011. The Service sector growthВ rate during 1981-2000, Assistance sector'sВ contribution went higherВ thanВ average. В NowВ ServiceВ sectorВ hasВ decreasedВ toВ 52%В ofВ total GDP, thoughВ itВ has declined butВ againВ weВ areВ veryВ muchВ optimisticВ aboutВ the intensification. В ItВ isВ goodВ signВ forВ ourВ countryВ becauseВ inВ developedВ countries, service sector contributes more shares altogether GDP than any other sectors.

Developed Country (USA):


Agriculture| 1 . a couple of %

Industry| 22. 1%

Services| 76. 7 %...


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