Essay in Situation Recognition

Scenario Awareness and

Decision Making within a Warning


Advanced Alert Operations Study course

IC Primary 2

Lesson 3: Staff SA

Warning Decision Teaching Branch

Lesson 3 can focus on the Situation Awareness (SA) of groups. The " teams” through this lesson aren't limited to the forecast workplace staff. For example , another group would be the whole group composed by the forecast office, the media, and emergency managers, who are part of the caution process.


Lesson a few: Team SOCIAL FEAR

Learning Target:

• Identify factors that could impact receiving

and maintaining team SOCIAL FEAR.

" When ever in danger, when ever in doubt, operate in groups,

scream and shout”

Ruben Helpling

The training Objective pertaining to Lesson several applies to elements that affect getting and maintaining group SA. The training Objectives will probably be tested as you take the online exam for IC Core 2 .


Lesson a few: Team SA

Performance Aims

1 . Employing specific info examples, recognize the

three levels of SOCIAL FEAR and how they can be

contributing to the warning decisions,

while working:

a) WES simulations, and

b) Alert events.

installment payments on your As part of post-event analysis, decide

the role that SOCIAL FEAR (good or perhaps bad) on the

three levels played inside the warning

decisions that were made.

The Performance Objectives pertaining to Lesson 3 apply within this course along with after conclusion. Though they are really not examined formally, queries related to these types of Performance Targets will be presented during the training course simulations. Growing SA inside the " domain” of the caution environment is actually a skill that evolves after some time and is a crucial asset to make sound caution decisions.


Apollo 13 and Team SA





" Hazard

Will Robinson! ”

The Apollo 13 mission is definitely an interesting sort of a change in team SA. This kind of large group of controllers had to build their SOCIAL FEAR sufficiently to shift the goal via mission achievement to getting the astronauts backside alive. Imagine the reluctance to abandon the mission, although lengthy amount of resistance would have caused delays that may have eliminated the return of the astronauts.


Crew SA

A Shared Understanding

Who's in control


What are each of

these people carrying out?

Who has the



Did the right person

notice that statement?

This photo was used at a forecast business office during a significant warning function. The arrows depict each of the potential interactions among team members. There are five people employed in this one location and others functioning elsewhere. The potential for communications mayhem is very rich in this environment.


Are Team Decisions Inherently







Different views can paralyze a team

Teams may suffer by a collective error

Connection of information between team

users may be flawed

• Status differences may well have an impact

• Cultural differences may may play a role

Team SA has its own problems. Team decisions are not automatically better. There are a variety of points that can derail team SA, such as lack of ability to resolve disputes, poor connection, status and cultural distinctions.


Team SA Explanation

" The active building of a situation partly shared

and partly distributed between two or more brokers,

from which one can possibly anticipate essential states in the

Salas ain al 95

near future. ”

• Crew SA may be the result of each individual's SOCIAL FEAR

• In the event one individual manages to lose SA, it could affect regarding

the group

" 40% of reported incidents in the ASRS

info base occurred when only one crew

member had a problem with SA. ”

The meaning of staff SA addresses the construction of SA for every single individual, with information distributed among team members, building staff SA. The quote by ASRS demonstrates the impact is definitely significant when ever only one member of a crew loses their particular SA. ASRS is the Modern aviation Safety Credit reporting System, an internet site provided by NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION (NASA) where pilots and staff members can easily report incidents anonymously. This database is likewise used by human factors...


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