report of tuition center Essay






1 . 1 Executive Overview

1 . eleven Acknowledgement

1 ) 2 Goal and Goal of Pitch

1 . a few Company / Business Qualifications

1 . 5 Partnership / Shareholders' History

1 . 5 Location of The Organization


2 . you Introduction to the business

2 . 14 Vision and Missions

2 . 2 Organization Chart

installment payments on your 3 Time Planning

installment payments on your 4 Routine of Responsibilities and Duties

2 . a few Schedule of Remuneration

2 . 6 List of Office Products and Supplies

2 . 7 Administration Finances


3. you Service Information

3. two Target Market

a few. 3 Market Size

three or more. 4 Competition

3. a few Market Share

3. 6 Product sales Forecast

a few. 7 Marketplace Strategies

three or more. 8 Marketing Budget


5. 1 Operation Management Method

4. two Process Stream Chart

4. 3 Creation / Procedure Schedule

some. 4 Equipments / Materials Requirements

four. 5 Time Requirements

four. 6 Structure Plan of Operation Place / Organization

4. several Operations Over head

4. 8 Operation Finances


5. one particular Project Execution Cost

5. 2 Sources of Financing

5. a few Table of Depreciation

your five. 4 Bank loan and Retain the services of Purchase Schedule

5. your five Pro-forma Cash Flow

5. 6th Pro-forma Profits Statement

five. 7 Pro-forma Balance Sheet

five. 8 Expected Performance

your five. 9 Graph


Degree in Business Research

Faculty of Business Supervision

University of Technology Mara (UiTM)

Kuala Pilah Grounds, Beting

72000 Kuala Pilah

Negeri Sembilan


Special Madam,

Submitting of Business Plan Proposal

With regards to with the issue above, we all as Degree in Business Management student wish to submit our business plan report that has been given as the task. installment payments on your This project is very crucially important for us to accomplish the task given for the ENT 300 subject. This task have teaches and helps us on how to type and control the business regarding administration, marketing, operation and in addition financial rule. 3. Ideally that this statement wills helps we to offer the objective of teach entrepreneurship subject which can be mainly to arrange the university students especially in UiTM for the true life organization with this kind of basic knowledge. Consideration coming from Madam Tengku Sharifeleani bt Tengku Sulaiman as our entrepreneurship's lecturer to access the business enterprise plan detail would genuinely help all of us to fulfill the objective of this task presented. Thank you,

Your Faithfully,



Quest: To develop a new class top quality education program which know the full potential of the individual and fulfill the goals of the Malaysian nation. -Ministry of Education, Malaysia-


" Education in Malaysia can be an on-going effort to further producing the potential of people in a alternative and integrated manner, so as to produce people who are intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and physically balanced and enlightening, based on a firm belief in and loyalty to Goodness. Such an efforts is designed to produced Malaysian citizens who educated and competent, who have high meaningful standards, and who are very well responsible and capable of achieving advanced of personal health as well as having the ability to contribute to the tranquility and betterment of the family members, the world and the region at large. ” (Ministry of Education, Malaysia)

Education while an essential activity in the progress society has seen significant transformations, that the new strategies and models of the modern educational system include resulted. The relationship between the person and contemporary society becomes more advanced via education, as the gains the capability to make his contribution that will balance some great benefits of his living among other...


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