Rabbit Resistant Fence Brief summary Essay

Rabbit proof fence

An Australian crisis movie


Book: " Follow the rabbit proof fence” by Bateau Pilkington Garimara. Which is the real story of her mom, Molly.

Film production company takes place in Western Quotes

during the 1930´s

the storyline begins within a remote community of Jigalong where 3 children experience their mom and grandma.

16 yr outdated Molly

eight yr old Daisy

twelve yr aged Gracie

The location lies over the rabbit proof fence, which runs for a number of thousand kilometers.

The " protector” of Western Quotes Aborigines A. O. Neville signs a great order to move these young ladies to Moore River education camp, were they will develop up

Neville refers the children while " half-castes” because they may have one white colored and 1 Aboriginal mother or father. Therefore they need to be bred out of existence.

After the camp the girls will be servants to white people.

Molly, Gracie and Daisy choose to escape the camp and walk house to Jigalong.

An Primitive tracker, Moodoo is called in to help track down the girls.

The ladies are been trained in disguising their particular tracks, and receive aid from strangers along the path.

Sooner or later they discover the fencing.

Neville distributes word that Gracie´s mother is in the community of Willuna. The information finds its method to an Radical traveller whom helps the girls.

Gracie breaks from the group, and in the make an attempt to catch a train the lady gets captured and taken away.

Molly and Daisy goes on, and make it residence.

Along with their mother and grandma the siblings hide inside the desert.

In the long run Molly points out that Gracie never delivered to Jigalong.

And that her two individual daughters including herself were taken back to Moore Riv. Molly was able to escape with one little girl, Annabelle. And again walked the 2400 kilometers.

Yet , Annabelle was taken away after having a short time and Molly hardly ever saw her daughter once again.

I think it's a good video with an appealing and miserable story. And i believe everyone should see it.


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