Political Science Essay

National politics – what? (content)

* How? (how do we examine the content of politics? )

* Methodology – Ontology & Epistemology

* Strategies – approaches (procedures)

5. Discipline – Political Scientific research with sub-disciplines.

Politics – refers to every decisions that shaped our lives, both public and private. * Public subject becomes general public concern.

5. Costs money to persecute the criminal.

* Oppression, unethical action.

5. Comprises almost all activities of cooperation and conflict among societies. 5. Politics is concerned about hobbies (Political & Collective) which will result to turmoil or contradiction of tips. * National politics makes our lives easier.

* Organization (government) that may be concerning the conflicting interests. * The physical exercise of power and expert, the power of allowance of principles – Power (the forex of politics, the ability to cause others to accomplish what the initially wishes). 5. Got to do with the respected allocation of values (education, decision-making).

Respected – having sense of authority.

Electric power – the power of one person to trigger another to accomplish what the initial wishes simply by whatever means. It is the line of thinking of National politics. * Position – authority – legitimacy (associated together with the authority and also the position) 5. Economic Resources – Access (the capacity to use the resources). Control (the power to decide over the use of resources). * Education (literacy) – evolves our function, functionally well written to access data to be strengthened that can bring about the empowerment of the constituency. * Contacts – social networking

* Technology

* Delivery right

Politics Science – is the systematic study of state and government and what it includes what governmental policies. * Adhere to specific process.

* A discipline to study Politics.

5. Fiscal portion of ideals.


* It offers structured and demand intellectual discipline

* Sets its promises on the tenets that all know-how is community and controlled by challenge. 2. Demands from the practitioner observation of logical coherence and use of satisfactory evidence.

Types of Personal Knowledge:

2. Describe ( what, when ever, where, whom why)

2. Explanation – what made this kind of happen? (cause and effect) * Pharmaceutical – activities given based upon the diagnosis of situation. Professionals are to make sense.

Sources of Political Knowledge – mass media, history, personal activities. * Group ideas of rationality (reasoning) intuition and private experience. 5. Authority – documents (Classified documents – forbidden towards the eyes with the public). 2. Traditions

2. Controlling know-how about particular issue.

* Particular authority options or standard authority options. * Savoir

* Entails search for marriage and trends.

* Empirical – visible, measurable, ordre.

* Total – cost-effective.

Sub-discipline of Political Scientific research:

* Politics Philosophy/Theory

* Comparative Governmental policies

* Public Law

2. Public Supervision

* International Relations

2. Political Economic system

* Politics History

* Political Geography

* Political Sociology

5. Political Psychology

* Politics Institutions

5. Political Anthropology


* Ontology – Living – theory of being " reflects the lovely view about the size of the world”. Is there a real world out there that may be independent of the knowledge of this?

Foundationalist Ontology – you write what you see and the things you see really is true. 2. Understands that there is fundamental big difference between the actuality of householder's lives plus the things encircling them. 5. What you find is genuine. Reality can be observed using our senses. * Human right is a foundationalist perspective.

* Essentialist – (EXPLAINS)


* Positivist – to make an explanation, causal human relationships. (Empirical & Quantitative) 2. Realist – the world exists independently in our knowledge of...


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