Paraphrasing Composition

IFP0100 Academic Writing

Block three or more


Paraphrasing is re-writing another's discussion in your own terms; phrasing and interpreting that in your own approach. This involves changing the language (words), reorganising the structure of the text but to get meaning similar. For example:

Initial text: ‘In Higher education today the ability to turn into an independent learner is crucial' (Payne and Whittaker, 2006) Paraphrase: Payne and Whittaker (2006) believe becoming an independent learner is one of the most important abilities at School Points that assist you to paraphrase

* Ensure you understand the first text

5. Find the important ideas (words and phrases) and indicate them or highlight all of them in some way 5. Find word and phrase replacements or alternative phrases for all those words

* Replace the structure in the text by looking at the relationship between the phrases and expressing them in a several way (for example by simply changing the phrase order) * Make sure that you have not copied any of the original textual content * Be sure that the meaning is the same as the original textual content * Make sure you have crafted in your producing style

* Make sure you admit other people's suggestions by referring to correctly Paraphrasing exercises

Individually, go through Text 1 below.

In groups sort out Texts two and a few and decide which of those text messages represents an improved paraphrase of text you Text 1

Smith (1993) discovered classroom area as using a powerful influence on the quality of students' learning. Her studies worried large, generally overcrowded English Language classes in Pakistan where the delivery of teaching was in a lecture style file format, with the tutor delivering the lesson through the front. As a result, classroom ‘zones' were developed whereby college students in the entrance zone were known to receive more teacher interest than pupils sitting behind the class room. It was also found that professors often maintained to have bad perceptions of students in the back...

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