Operative Record: Laparoscopic Appendectomy and Placement of Right Reduced Quadrant Drain Essay


Sufferer Name: Benjamin EngelhartAge: 46DOB: 10/5/----Sex: M

ID Number: 112592

Time of Entrance: 11/14/----

Particular date of Procedure: 11/14/----

Acknowledging Physician: Bernard Kester, MD

Surgeon: Bernard Kester, MD

Assistant: Jerr Wagner, PA-C

Circulating Doctor: Jimmy Dale Jett, REGISTERED NURSE

Preoperative Diagnostic category: Acute appendicitis

Postoperative Diagnoses: Perforated appendicitis

Operative Treatment:

1 Laparoscopic appendectomy

a couple of Placement of correct lower sector drain

Ease: General endotracheal tube ease

Specimen removed: One necrotic appendix

IV Fluids: 1700 mL crystalloid

Estimated Blood Loss: 15 mL

Urine output: 300 mL

Difficulties: None

SYMPTOMS: This man is a 46-year-old Caucasian guy with a three or more day great abdominal discomfort. However , within the last 24 hours his pain features located for the right reduced quadrant and caused a substantial amount of anorexia. This individual presented to the Emergency Office where a CT scan of his abdomen and pelvis revealed serious appendicitis. Lab showed a WBC depend of 13. The laparoscopic appendectomy process was explained to the patient combined with risks, rewards, and conceivable complications. Patient voiced his desire to continue. Patient was started in pre op gentamicin. DESCRIPTION OF TREATMENT: The patient was identified x2 in the preoperative holding location. A final break was held with the nursing services, anesthesia, as well as the surgical assistance during which the patient's IDENTIFICATION was proved and the medical site was initialed. He was given perioperative antibiotics. He was taken back to the functioning room and placed in the supine situation. General AINSI QUE anesthesia was induced. SED's were positioned on his reduced extremities. The patient's left arm was tucked at his side. A Foley catheter was placed. His abdomen was shaved, prepped with benzoin answer and covered in the typical standard trend. A small semicircular infraumbilical incision was made and carried through the subcutaneous...


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