19th Century Latin Americ Essay

Antonio Barajas

History 8b


July 35, 2008

19th Century Latin America (Option 3)

Latin America in the last mentioned half of the nineteenth century started to experience many obstacles pivotal to their id and crucial to their advancement. The first significant obstacle came immediately after the battles for independence, a challenge and question more than who had genuinely achieved self-reliance. The second barrier was the personal conflict between liberals and conservatives and the ideologies of what Latina America should become inside the sake of progress and modernity. The third but most critical challenge for all of Latin America was the breakthrough of a fresh imperial power, The United States.

The Wars of Independence to get Latin America happened coincidently in a domino effect; one country after the other received its freedom with the exception of Cuba and Brazil between 1809-1822. The battle itself had been fought unitedly by criollos, mestizos, blacks, and indigenous who gathered following the nativist liberal beliefs of liberty, equality, and America intended for Americans. Charles Chasteen views the successful of the battles of self-reliance as a feeling of that belong and distributed purpose between the different ethnicity groups (p. 91). But as the wake foretold, the political freedom of the Many was basically that, a political distance from The country of spain that meant that the social class composition would remain the same during. As a result, the criollos came into existence the only beneficiaries of the battle and autonomy of Latin America. Criollos were now the new ruling elite, possessing political business office positions and also the majority of the land and wealth. Successful political self-reliance from Spain did not result in a social wave that would change the caste system. Indigenous and black slaves did not get their independence nor did they beneficiate from the conflict; most of them had been still subjugated and overpowered, oppressed by the light elite ruling class. Mister. Seagel after that discussed...


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