Mystery Tribe: Fremont Indians Essay

Mystery Group

About 700 years ago the Fremont Indians lived in cliff tops negotiations, in a distant canyon

that is now called Range Creek. Around 1250 AD items went to the south for the Fremont. Within

the space of any century, their culture had all but faded. Leaving behind arrows scattered about

the ground, and corn and rye remaining in their granary's. The disappearance of the Fremont Indians

has become one of American archaeology's biggest mysteries. In between the Rockies

and the Sierra Nevada the group flourished for six-hundred year, these people were adaptable and surprisingly

varied. They lived in both ordinary shelters and semi undercover " hole houses". That they farmed and

used hunting and foraging to supply their very own food.

Just lately unveiled this year, the Range Creek site keeps important indications. The ruins aren't since

spectacular his or her neighbors towards the south the master-builder Anasazis. Still, Range Creek is

surprisingly pristine and should provide and rare window into the lives of these people.

Due to it's remote position, it has steer away from the danger of looters and the excavations of

archaeology. A local farmer had safeguarded the site for more than half a 100 years, until advertising it in 2001

intended for $2. a few million. Being 34 miles from the local paved highway, and it's high inaccessibility helped

to preserve the internet site.

" Experts have just started surveying the canyon, although already the ruins happen to be raising

fascinating questions" stated archaeologist Jerry Spangler, publisher of a latest book around the Fremont

known as Horned Dogs and Axle Grease. The remains of some pit houses are 35 feet in diameter,

that is three times larger than the typical Fremont pit house. Many acquired long thought the Fremont

were simple farmers who have lived in little family groups. Require " mini mansions claim that

some existed with prolonged families or had strong enough bonds to live communally with other families.

Range Creek may also reveal more about the...


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