Essay in Internship Survey Format

п»їCOMSATS Institute info Technology, Lahore

Department of Management Sciences

Internship Record Format

Statement should be constructed and crafted in M. S. WORKPLACE (Microsoft expression, Excel etc)

Report producing instructions:

Site size: A4

Font size: 12

Font name: Arial

Font color: Black

Collection spacing: 1 . 5

Margins: 0. 75” (Left & Right)

Header & Footer: 0. 75”

Gutter: 0. 5”

Footnotes: Where ever applicable

Index: Must incorporate copy from the original forms used in the business. (Separate annex should be mentioned) Bibliography: Need to include ebooks, articles, and persons from where the quotes/data/information is used. Glossary: Determine " JARGONS” used in the report.

Subject Page: (Follow the fastened Form in Annex 1)

Tentative Table of Contents


installment payments on your BACKGROUND OF HOST BUSINESS

Mission affirmation and/or history of the sponsor organization


a. Company Structure (Organizational Chart)

n. SWOT Examination

c. Online marketing strategy

d. Competitive Strategy

e. Business procedure analysis


a. Duties

b. Successes

c. Fresh Knowledge Attained

d. Challenges Encountered

at the. How Knowledge Impacts your Career

Note: This really is a broad format the interns are allowed to include other learning experiences in their report

Internship Weekly Report Format

Note: Every week reports should be submitted on a specific day of the week. That working day will be mutually decided by the faculty expert and the inwendig. This weekly report ought to be composed and written in M. S i9000. OFFICE (Microsoft word, Stand out etc) and sent to the faculty consultant by way of an attachment to e-mail. The format of attached file: title will need to look like this kind of: " WR1Name if pupil. doc. ” The next every week report must be titled because WR two, and so on until reach weekly report quantity 06 and 08 pertaining to the internship program.

Below can be an example of weekly...


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