Strategic Analysis Consultation Document For EasyJet Essay

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Strategic Evaluation Consultation document for EasyJet.

1 . Launch

EasyJet Aircarrier Company Limited is a British company which in turn advocates no-frills low-cost flight company. Because of its low-cost, simple service, was welcomed by the British open public. EasyJet is the largest price range airline organization in UK with main routes coverage in The european countries. Called while " Lemon culture. ” Listed on the Greater london Stock Exchange and is also a constituent of FTSE 250 with 2011's revenue reached three or more, 452 , 000, 000 GBP, earnings 4. 98 p/ASK, 15% increased coming from 2010. EasyJet was founded by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, can be described as British businessperson of Cypriot origin. Dr. murphy is the scion of the wealthy, send owning along with with the start up fund simply by his father to start of a group of ventures within the Easy manufacturer. Haji-Ioannou started out EasyJet in 1995 when he was twenty-eight. EasyJet is usually take direct sales rather than through an agent. One of the most difference with other airline businesses is EasyJet does not present meals and drinks, you cannot find any ticket agent and only recognize direct booking. The beginning of EasyJet is counting on two hired aircraft. Plus the first vacation spot was Glasgow, and released with ultra-low-cost flights, the advertising motto is " London to Glasgow, cheaper than a couple of jeans! ” This trick immediately success in businessman and individual customers. EasyJet became profitable at the end of second year. In 1997, the EasyJet was a striking business venture, signed a contract with Boeing invested $500 , 000, 000 to buy fresh aircraft. Primarily, EasyJet runs a single kind of Boeing 737. In 2004, EasyJet provides ordered 120 Airbus A319, EasyJet became the company which will using Airbus A319 while main style in cheap airline companies. In Oct 2007, EasyJet acquisition of GIGABITE Airways below British Airways. Became the short-haul air flow carrier leading the Birmingham Gatwick Air-port. In 2010, the passenger amount of EasyJet come to 49 mil, ranked second in budget airline in Europe. EasyJet provide the airline flight destination throughout the whole European countries, in addition , EasyJet has cable connections with many Western european country accommodations, so it is simple to provide cheap accommodation booking service as well. EasyJet sole model strategy is simply to accomplish one seating arrangement, only prepare an example of a spare and maintenance is straightforward and effective. It can reduce the cost. EasyJet is used direct point-to-point routes. Rather than radial network. Easyjet select Luton Airport terminal instead of Gatwick airport Airport, this makes EasyJet reduce fixed cost per seat. EasyJet has changed the traditional pattern in two parts. First of all this canceled airfare tickets, and cancels the boarding card. Save in ticket-printing, production and mailing costs. After arranging, customers should receive a unique number though network, and will obtain a confirmation of booking details and solution number. And EasyJet would not serve foodstuff to save the beverage costs, equipment costs and ensure assistance needs extra staff costs as well as safe-keeping and transport cost. EasyJet the number of trip crew are much less than other main airlines, since there is only one type of service, and the uniforms compared to standard United kingdom Airways, all their uniform is much more casual. EasyJet Corporation Convenient Land is usually...


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