Henry Tam and Mgi Team Dissertation

Final Project Henry Tam plus the MGI Group

Angela Alvarez

Kaplan College or university

Managers because Leaders


Dr . George Sparks

January 09, 2011



Henry Tam and the MGI Team were given 3 weeks to create a business plan for the Harvard Business University Business Plan Contest. The team contains seven users and had small success in working together. They will experienced issue, tension, and disorganization during their whole project. Henry Tam needed to take a command stance and apply leadership approaches, group dynamics, and polarities to assist resolve and organize they issues. The Path-Goal Theory, time supervision, conflict administration, written communication, and supervision of diverse groups, might have been successful leadership approaches and group dynamics intended for the team to generate an effective business plan. Henry Tam could have as well used polarities and polarity management to produce an effective business plan.



The first advice for Holly Tam as well as the MGI Group would have visited utilize The Path-Goal Theory of leadership. This leadership strategy focuses on the problem and leader behaviors, rather than the leader's genuine traits (Moorhead, Gregory, Command Theory, seventh edition). This kind of theory suggests that effective leaders will lead the behavioral paths and achieve the specified goals (Moorhead, 7th edition). The Path-Goal Theory rewards the subordinates' performance based upon its success. A leader through this theory will behave differently to different situations. There are 4 kinds of innovator behaviors inside the Path-Goal Theory: directive tendencies, supportive behavior, participative leadership, and achievement-oriented leadership. Savoir leadership way tells subordinates exactly what is expected of them and gives guidance on how the jobs should be accomplished. Directive management could have been utilized to give way to the subgroups and support the MGI Team's overall goal. Beneath the directive command style every subgroup may have been given certain tasks to achieve, directions to follow, and standard meetings to attend to record progress. The supportive management approach is friendly and anxious with its subordinates' needs and well-being. This approach would have helped to alleviate some of the conflict the MGI Crew experienced. The Path-Goal Theory would have recently been used to utilize each individual's potential and gain understanding from the subgroups strengths. The individuals could have gained person recognition, which would have reinforced the supporting leadership design. Participative command allows responses from the subordinates and requires their recommendations into account. An example of participative command for Holly Tam and the MGI Staff would have recently been scheduling group meetings with all subgroups in attendance to discuss their particular progress also to gain responses on the progress being achieved. The participative leadership way would have scored the project to see how a decisions might affect every subgroup with the business plan. Finally, achievement-oriented leadership sets demanding goals for his or her subordinates thus they will accomplish at their particular highest potential. Time lines and goals were not collection for the subgroups. Each subgroup would have followed the achievement-oriented leadership approach to gain a eyesight of what would be anticipated to reach the entire goal of the project. Robert House believed that individuals who also are highly accomplishment motivated interact to achievement in which they can presume personal responsibility, show all their competency, in order to find the risk elements challenging (House, Robert J., 1996). The Path-Goal Theory allows a leader to adapt to situational factors. A few of the four approaches or perhaps all of them could have been used with regards to the situational elements involved (House, 1996)....

References: From: Holly Tam

Date: January eleven, 2011


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