Henry Iv: Appearance or Reality Article

Holly IV: Appearance vs . Reality

Shakespeare's play Holly IV commences with a ruler (King Henry) beginning a pilgrimage following killing King Richard 2. Henry is convinced that by gaining the throne of England he has done a great honourable deed, yet he admits that the fighting and bloodshed can continue, A... ill sheathed knife... snabel-a (I. 1 . 17). This individual, also, confesses that his own boy, Prince Situasi, is certainly not honourable enough to sit on the throne, Asee riot and dishonour stain the brow of my small Harry" (I. 1 . 17).

William shakespeare continues the topos of honour and redemption in Act 3, scene two, where he uses elements including anaphora, topos, imagery and rhetoric in a meeting among King Holly and Prince Hal that is both important and climatic to the total structure in the theme of honour.

At the beginning of Act 3 sc. 2, Shakespeare clears all other personas from the level to allow King Henry=s 1st meeting, in person with Prince Hal, to become focused and intense. Ruler Henry is the first to speak and models a sombre tone as he begins to make known himself to his child A... several displeasing services I have done @ (3. 2 . 5). As well William shakespeare allows King Henry to get Prince Hal=s mask to attention by using anaphora:

Can such inordinate and low desires,

These kinds of poor, this kind of bare, such lewd, this sort of

mean look at, such unwelcoming pleasures,

irritating society because there artwork matched withal... (3. installment payments on your 12-15).

The phrase such can be used to emphasise his [Henry] displeasure of Hal=s friends as well as the image they portray about him causing Hal in the eyes of Henry to lose his princely image.

Shakespeare, then simply allows Royal prince Hal to defend himself to his father's interpretations of his (Hal) character. Once again, there is a compare between what King Henry perceives and what is reality. The ruler is obviously troubled over Hal=s choice of good friends and how that they affect this В‘Princely image'. Hal however asks for...

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