Health and Safety Essay

How to enhance a safe work environment

Care surroundings are places that accidents can easily quite often happen, not mainly because staff will be careless or perhaps fail to verify hazards, nevertheless because of the weakness of the folks who use the proper care facilities.

As people turn into frail or perhaps develop physical conditions which usually affect range of motion such as arthritis or Parkinson's, they become susceptible to falls and trips because they are unsteady, and the slightest enhancements made on surface or perhaps level can upset their particular balance. Raising age also can result in much less flexibility of muscles and joints, which means that people are less able to make up for a loss of balance or maybe a slip and are also more likely to fall than more youthful people, who may be better able to save themselves by re-acting more quickly.

Grow older is not the only factor to increase risk. Other factors, such as impaired eye-sight, multiply the chance of accidents via trips, falls, touching sizzling surfaces and knocking in objects. The loss of hearing can improve the risk of injuries where people have not noticed someone, or maybe something such as a trolley, nearing around a corner. Dementia can increase dangers because people do not remember to be careful when they move about. They can also ignore where they have put issues down and fail to understand the consequences of actions including touching hot liquids or perhaps pulling about cupboard gates.

It is important that you develop an awareness of into the safety hazards and that you are always aware of any risks in any situation you are in. If you enter into the habit of making a mental tips, you will find that it will help. The tips will vary from a single workplace to a new, but may look like one below. Checklist for a safe work environment

Dangers Check


Floors Light beer dry?

Floor coverings Are they put on or curled at the sides?

Doorways and corridors Are they clear of obstacles?

Electrical flexes Are they walking?


Bed frames Are the braking on? Draught beer high enough?...


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