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About 125 million people throughout the world depend on coffee for their livelihoods. This conjonction offers an overview of the sector, explores why Fairtrade is needed and what can achieve. Really is endless it will give a valuable source of all those included in, or considering, Fairtrade, if from ad advertisement, campaigning or perhaps academic point of view. Fast details: the caffeine lowdown1 • Coffee is among the most valuable and widely bought and sold tropical gardening product • 7. 9m tonnes of coffee had been produced in 2011, of which 6. 2m soucis were exported • Coffee-producing countries earned $23. 5bn from caffeine exports this year • twenty-five million smallholders produce many of these of the planet's coffee • Coffee provides a livelihood for a further 95 million people in coffee-producing countries • An estimated 1 . 6 billion dollars cups of coffee happen to be drunk worldwide every day • Global ingestion has nearly doubled in the last 40 years and it is forecast to get to 9. 09 million soucis by 2019 • Intake growth in the last decade was led simply by producing countries (57%) and the emerging marketplaces of Asian Europe and Asia (46%) • A global coffee industry, including clean and quick, was really worth $70. 86bn in 20112 • The united kingdom in-home coffee market was worth £831m in 20103 • Five coffee corporations control fifty percent the global price tag coffee marketplace – Energi, Nestlé, Proctor & Wager, Sara Lee and Tchibo4 • 3 coffee corporations control almost 70% with the UK selling coffee industry – Kraft, Nestlé and Douwe Egberts5 • Coffee growers receive 7%-10% from the retail value of caffeine in supermarkets6 • Global sales of Fairtrade coffee reached 88, 000 soucis in 2010 • UK revenue of Fairtrade coffee elevated in value from £15. 5m in 2000 to £194m this year • Much more than 530, 000 coffee maqui berry farmers from 28 countries reap the benefits of Fairtrade espresso

1 Except if otherwise explained, global espresso volume, worth and ingestion data throughout are found from Foreign Coffee Firm (ICO) Regular monthly Coffee Market Reports, Statistics/Historical data and FAQs for Dates may label calendar years or plants years, which in turn, depending on origins, start on 1 April, you July or 1 October. Volumes happen to be recorded in 60kg hand bags and have been converted to tonnes two Euromonitor, quoted in Evaluation: Single-cup caffeine sales seen growing, 2 February 2012 several Coffee, UK, April 2011, Mintel (excludes coffee used out of home e. g. in cafГ©s and restaurants) 5 See footnote 26 your five Leatherhead Food Research, Great britain Food & Drinks Statement 2009, October 2009 6th International Trade Centre, The Coffee Exporter's Guide 2011, p. 246


Fairtrade and Caffeine

1 . coffee: growers and buyers

Key producing countries

Global espresso production proportioned around 6th million considerations a year during the 1990s. Elevated output via Brazil and Vietnam observed production expand to an common of 7. 6 million tonnes a year among 2007 and 2011, peaking at a list 8. 05 million loads in 2010. Coffee is produced in more than 70 countries but over 60 per cent of the world's coffee is definitely produced by just four of them – Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia and Indonesia. Brazil is certainly by far the world's most significant coffee developer, growing an average of 2 . five million tonnes a year during 2007-11. Vietnam is following (1. one particular million tonnes) followed by Colombia (560, 000), Indonesia (560, 000), Ethiopia (400, 000), India (280, 000), Mexico (270, 000), Guatemala (230, 000), Honduras (230, 000), Peru (219, 000), and Uganda (190, 000). Latin America is a largest local producer which has a 60 percent share, followed by Asia and Oceania (27%), and Africa (13%). Physique 1: Greatest producers of coffee as % of world creation, 2007-11 Uganda 2 . 3% Honduras installment payments on your 9% Peru 2 . 9% Guatemala a few. 1% South america 3. 4% India three or more. 7% Ethiopia 4. 5% Indonesia 7% Colombia seven percent Vietnam 14% Others 14% Brazil 34%

Source: ICO

Main exporting countries

Caffeine exports improved by six per cent into a record a lot of 6. two million tonnes in 2011, using a value of...


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