Common English language Grammar Consumption Essay

Common British Usage and Grammar Problems

Please tend not to the following prevalent errors (for a complete list, please find ~brians/errors/errors. html):

Possessive Pronouns

it пѓ their (not it's, a compression of it is definitely; note: there is no such word as its') you пѓ your (not you're, a contraction of you are)

they пѓ their (ofcourse not they're, a contraction of they are)

who пѓ whose (not who's, a contraction of who is)

Other Common Errors

day-to-day (adjective) or every day (noun)

lead (present tense) or led (past tense)

irregardless is not a word, don't use it

then simply (adverb) versus than (conjunction)

lose (verb) vs . loose (mainly a great adjective)

data is the multiple of datum

e. g., (for example) vs . my spouse and i. e., (that is)

" This is applicable to universities in the DC City Area (e. g., The Johns Hopkins University). " " This kind of refers to the very best business school in the POWER Metro Location (i. e., The Johns Hopkins University). " that vs . which usually

Restrictive (identifying) clauses use that and are not set off with commas: BU. 350. 620 is the training course that I accept Mondays.

Free flowing (commenting) classes use which usually and are set off with fente or parentheses: BU. 350. 620, which is a Carey necessary course, may be the course I actually take on Mondays. Comma previous and

It is correct to possess a ', ' precede 'and' in a list of words that denotes a separation of the items as distinct because shown listed below:

" The budget is divide between Chris, Dan and Al. "

Meaning: Chris gets fifty percent, Dan and Al every single get 25%

" The budget is split between Philip, Dan, and Al. "

Meaning: Every single gets 1/3


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