Case Motivation For Zeus Essay

Business and Economics

Case determination: Zeus Asset



Learning targets

 Consider different types of shareholders with different risk preferences and exactly how their purchases differ consequently

 Take a look at how different mutual finance investments may well allow person investors to purchase portfolios or else not into their reach.  Understand how pay for performance is usually estimated and the caveats linked to a focus about returns with no taking into account the potential risks associated with generating them.

 Be capable of deciding the best risk-adjusted measure of come back for a particular investment.


Case Synopsis

 This case zones around Zeus Asset Management Inc. Zeus is an asset management company with both person (high net worth) buyers and institutional investors. Zeus is known due to its relationship-orientated customer services and has a old-fashioned, risk-averse quality-oriented approach to expenditure management. Offered their diverse client base and the individual needs, Zeus is enthusiastic about improving all their measures of fund overall performance, which currently has consisted mainly of holding period and benchmarked returns. Zeus is particularly enthusiastic about obtaining risk-adjusted return actions.


Case Synopsis continued

 Crucial questions for consideration

1 ) How does Zeus differ from its main competitors

2 . Why is estimation of risk-adjusted results of particular interest to Zeus?

several. Discuss the benefits and disadvantages from the risk-adjusted go back measures utilized.


Potential questions to address in your survey

Discuss the choice performance actions and talk about the worth for each of those.

Discuss for what reason absolute or perhaps relative returns may not reveal the entire fact about overall performance.

Examine picking out appropriate standard for each of Zeus's mutual funds.

Estimate performance procedures for each of mutual money for Zeus as well as for the right comparison index.


Submission (Case: Zeus)

You may operate groups but document and submit individually: - Charges will apply if we place collusion

- Groups must be registered with Amale

You must document:

 Any assumptions you have made not specified in the case

 Display any computations (if relevant) in the Appendix

Depending on your formatting about 3-4 web pages and not a lot more than 5 internet pages, 1 . a few spacing and 12 stage font.

Submission Due Date: 12 noon Monday 23 03, 2015.

Send via MOODLE


Test Template

Tips facts and problems:

1 ) What are the down sides and the essential issues that occur

2 . Talk about the provided discussion details or queries

3. Findings and suggestions if virtually any

Do Not make use of a Q and A answer format: get this a business type briefing Prevent restating precisely what is already in case



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