Case Study of Bata Limited Essay

Historical History: Since our founding in 1894, Bata has been on the forefront of innovation; not only in the production and design of new styles, in the creation of organization models that permit a quick response to the ever-changing wants and needs of the customers. As a result, Bata loves a long history as a leading manufacturer and retailer of quality boots, and happily serves some one million clients each day. With 40, 500 employees, your five, 000 foreign retail stores, and a presence in over 70 countries, Bata lies to deliver an unparalleled combination of selection, top quality, and service to customers around the globe. ------------------------

Bata Ltd.


59 Wynford Drive

North York, Ontario M3C 1K3


Phone: (416) 446-2011

Fax: (416) 446-2175


Personal Company

Incorporated: 1931

Personnel: 50, 000

Sales: $2 billion (2002 est. )

NAIC: 316210 Footwear Manufacturing

Company Viewpoints:

Shoemaking is one of the world's earliest crafts--shoes had been works of art plus the stuff of legends. Around the world, the Bata brand can be reserved for well-made and well-priced dress and casual shoes or boots. We're dedicated to designing, making, and providing our buyers with the best lawn mowers of commercial vogue footwear for the entire family.

Important Dates:

1894: The Bata family determines a company in Zlin, situated in what is now the Czech Republic. 1932: Founder Tomas Bata dies in an airplane accident.

1939: The company relocates to Canada after the activity of German military makes into East Europe. 1945: Czechoslovakia business operations happen to be nationalized by new communist government pursuing World War II. 1991: Bata earnings to the Czech Republic next fall from the communist plan. 1994: Thomas J. Bata, the son of the industry’s founder, retires. 2001: Jones J. Bata, Jr., becomes chairman and CEO.

Organization History:

Batin Ltd. is a privately held global sneaker manufacturer and retailer headquartered in Ontario, Canada. The organization is led by a third generation of the Bata friends and family. With businesses in sixty-eight countries, Bata is arranged into several business units. Bata Canada, operating out of Toronto, serves the Canadian market with 250 shops. Based in Paris, france, Bata The european countries serves the European marketplace with five-hundred stores. With supervision positioned in Singapore, Batin International boasts 3, 000 stores to serve market segments in The african continent, the Pacific, and Asia, Finally, Batin Latin America, operating out of Mexico City, provides footwear during Latin America. All informed, Bata owns more than 5, 700 retail stores and 46 production features. Total career for the organization exceeds 55, 000. Organization Founded in 1894

The Bata family's ties to shoemaking span more than two dozen decades and allegedly date as far back as 1580 for the small Czech village of Zlin. Yet , it was not really until 1894 that the family members began to make the transition coming from cobblers to industrialists. For the reason that year, Tomas G. Bata, Sr., along with his brother Antonin and sis Anna, required 800 florins, some $350, inherited using their mother and launched a shoemaking business. That they rented some rooms, acquired two sewing machines with an installment plan, and covered their leather and other elements with promissory notes. They will produced stitched, coarse-woolen shoes. Within a 12 months, the business was successful enough to enable the Batas to use ten persons in their manufacturer, such as it absolutely was, as well as one other forty whom worked out that belongs to them homes. In the same year, 1895, Antonin was selected into the armed service and Ould - quit the organization to get married, forcing Tomas to presume complete control over the venture. He was merely 19 years of age. In 1900, Bata relocated the operation to a fresh building located close to Zlin's railway train station and got the initially major help industrialization, putting in steam-driven devices. The company appreciated success generating light, linen footwear that appealed to a large portion of...


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