To What Extent Did Imperialism Cause Wwi? Essay


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As to what extent was imperialism a reason of the First World War?

The level to which the First Globe War was caused by imperialism is

debatable, but it really is certain which it played a crucial role in the outcome of events that

triggered the war. In 1914 Europe was dominated by Great Capabilities all of whom had

imperial goals. However , imperialism was only 1 of the elements that lead to the

outbreak of conflict.

The european union at that time was divided into two " provided camps” that wanted to lengthen

all their empires' electrical power by increasing control over many colonies. This kind of caused

tension and friction involving the nations because they become a lot more competitive for the

acquisition of land. A good example of this can be " the Scramble intended for Africa” where great

powers discovered themselves in competition to colonize as much of Africa as is feasible. For

the main part, the colonies were not in Europe, in addition to the case in the Austro-

Hungarian Empire, in whose territories consisted in terrain in Asian Europe.

The 2 alliance systems into which in turn Europe was divided were the Three-way

Cha?non, which contains Germany, Austria-Hungary and later on Italy, as well as the Triple

Entente that comprised Britain, France and Russia. The Ottoman Empire that was

referred to as " The Sick Guy of Europe” also played out a role. The Ottoman and

Austro-Hungarian Empires were in decline, which got effects within the positions with their

close friends and enemies, such as Serbia and Australia.

Why was imperialism so important in Europe at this time? " The idea behind it

was mainly to get control of new market segments and fresh sources of unprocessed trash. ” A colony

had to be safeguarded from other competitive empires, that could be done by the navy.

An example of naval power was when the Germans sent the gunboat Panther to Agadir

as being a threat for the French in the Second Moroccan Crisis; this may be referred to as

" Gunboat diplomacy”. The Germans got created a great naval power that was a risk

for the British naval power, while the safety with the empire depended on it. This was a cause

of great stress between the two powers. The navy likewise guaranteed operate routes for the

goods coming from the colonies. Make sure protect their particular empire was by the

alliances that interconnected all the nations, as they had to get involved when their very own

best friend needed help. Allies created the sense of protection yet similarly induced a lot of

adversaries. It was a combination of many elements that triggered these human relationships to

become risky in the years before the conflict.

Given the situation, " Although there had absolutely been conflicts [in Africa], they will

had always been resolved without war”(p12); the two Balkan Wars (1912-1914) also would

not lead right to the larger conflict, entirely imperialism could not have been the reason

intended for an outbreak of such a battle. Other factors that derived from imperialism caused the

difficulty. In other words, nobody wanted to start a major issue in European countries because it

was too dangerous to them, possibly. Warfare is a final measure, unless triumph is easy. With

the strength of the Alliances, victory had not been certain for everyone. Nobody wanted to

‘conquer' Europe as being a colony, but the tensions were so great which the countries

eventually sensed compelled to visit war.

The Austro-Hungarian Disposition used the assassination of Franz Ferdinand by a

Serbian nationalist called Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo like a pretext to declare war on

Serbia. The reasons for this are twofold: firstly the Austrians believed threatened by simply Serbia while

the decline of the Ottoman Empire made the Serbians even stronger and the Austro-

Hungarian Empire became less effective; secondly, the Austrians wanted to restore

some of their pride by beating Serbia inside the war. The Austrians might have been

motivated under a misjudgment concerning...


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