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Computer technology has made several important impacts on our world. Today pc is playing very important role in every field of life. A large number of activities in everyday life can be performed quickly and quickly. A lot of time is definitely saved and overall cost is reduced to resolve a particular trouble. Many domains where computer are widely used

1- Organization

Today, in global market segments, it is not possible to run the organization without the make use of computer technology. Various business actions are performed very quickly and efficiently by using computers. The administrative paperwork is also lowered by using computers. Many business use websites to sell goods and contact their customers. Nearly all business uses computers to complete daily tasks. By making exposure to clients to inputting info for reports, computers let businesses a far more efficient approach to manage affairs when compared to classic paper and manila files. Businesses use a variety of various kinds of computers such as desktops, notebooks, servers, cell phones and tablets, depending on their needs. With pcs, employees can easily work whenever, anywhere.


Communication is key when increasing and maintaining clients and other important contacts. Computers offer businesses usage of email, instant messaging and custom made customer contact systems. Computerized phone systems allow for automatic support during off hours and a virtual operator can quickly direct callers for the correct office for faster support. Marketing:

Computers allow businesses to create websites, stunning advertisings and complete marketing campaigns. Marketing videos can be modified and personalized ads produced in-house with the use of specialized computer software. Businesses can completely develop and manage websites using their own web servers or connect remotely into a third-party business to upload their most recent content including articles, merchandise images and blog posts. Accounting:

Accounting with out computers reveals a high risk for human mistake. Accounting software program allows businesses to simply input their economic data and instantly find gains and losses. All necessary tax reports can be obtained the moment your data is joined. Using computers for invoicing, managing expenditures and calculating payroll is essential for ensuring financial data is as exact as possible. Storage:

Instead of storage, businesses are capable to store countless files using computers and servers. Data can be placed centrally for easy access via multiple personal computers or stored locally for individual use. Electronic storage will save space and offers a far more efficient organization strategy. With encryption, passwords and replace keys, data is still secure. Documents and Reviews:

Most businesses have some sort of productivity computer software which commonly includes a word processor and spreadsheet program. These two courses allow businesses to create studies, memos, lessons and even multi-colored ads for company incidents. Spreadsheet applications give businesses the chance to plan, manage and calculate both numeric and alphabetic info. With chart and charts, reporting turns into visual rather than text-based. Training:

Businesses make use of computers to aid educate workers on application, company insurance plan, standard types of procedures and protection. Instead of employing teachers, personal computers can be used to educate employees at their own pace or through an online webinar with live questions and answers. This form of education fits the busy agendas of businesses without sacrificing the quality of the training. Research:

By learning more about the competition to discovering what customers really want, exploration isn't since difficult mainly because it once was, because of computers. Search engines like google, forums, social support systems and sector specific websites provide businesses with a wealth of information and research data.

2- Education

Computers are used in educating and study. The students can solve different...



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