Aed two hundred Week five Appendix N Essay

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Appendix B

Fill in the desk below by classifying each philosophy while either teacher-centered or student-centered authority. Up coming, identify the main characteristics of this philosophy. (The first one is completed for you as an example. ) Once you have completed the table, response the queries below.

Educational Philosophies Table

Philosophy| Teacher- or Student-Centered Authority| Characteristics| | |

Perennialism| Teacher-centered| Knowledge is enduring, looks for everlasting truths, views rules of presence as continuous or predetermined, values to be able to reason, associated with idealism| Progressivism| Student-centered| Education that concentrates on learning how to believe rather than what things to think. Learning through man experience like a bases for knowledge with trials and scientific technique learning activities. With inquiries created by the learners. | Reconstructionism| Student-centered| Teaching students to vitally explore the world's ethnic and concerns. Goals including renewal and promotion of an enhanced world. | Positivism| Teacher-centered| Theory that rejects notions that can not be observed and scored. Based on specifics that can be the result of laws of matter and motion. | Constructivism| Student-centered| Emphasizes practical, activity based teaching and learning. Students are encouraged to discover their own answers and to learn through their particular personal models. | Behaviorism| Teacher-centered| Individuals are a product of their surroundings especially their interpersonal environment. Good and bad stimuli presents a big role in behavior. These environments form a persons tendencies. Positively rewarding good habit observed. | Humanism| Student-centered| Seeks to teach the individual development and not your class. Also to build on the inborn goodness that humans happen to be born with. | Essentialism| Teacher-centered| Educating of the basics, developing appear habits, and respect...


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