100 Whatever Street Article

п»ї100 What ever Street

Whatever, FL, 01234

Oct 3, 2014

Samuel Hicks

Edinburgh High School

30 Boston Neck Highway

North Kingstown, RI 02852

Special Sam:

Congratulation with your upcoming senior high school graduation. Have you ever decided if you'll be applying college? Have you any idea what most likely next step will probably be? Let us notice at California State College or university aide you with that search. We offer much more than 100 degrees and accreditation which will lead you throughout the path of the dreams. With all of our offerings, we know there is also a program in this article made only for you.

A representative from California State will be meeting with students from Hamilton high on Monday of a few weeks, and we would like to schedule a scheduled appointment to meet along to discuss the future. Some of the issues our representative will go over with you happen to be your passions, honor program degrees and certificates, each of our admissions plans, our financial loan programs which include financial aid, and he will leave you with packets of information to bring home for your family to browse through.

You need to have already received an appointment obtain form in the mail. We will need you to fill out the proper execution and returning it on your guidance counselor as soon as possible. All of us will schedule your appointment around the class timetable. Please usually do not wait…your long term depends on it.

If I may be of further more assistance, please don't hesitate to make contact with me at 555-888-1234 or perhaps by email at: claire. [email protected] edu. You will not be remorseful you took the time to meet with our representative. California State can make all of your dreams come true.


Toby Coyne

Admissions Counselor


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