Getting to know how to write a thematic essay

Thematic essay is a kind of academic writing that should be based on a predetermined specific theme provided in the assignment. A theme may also be formulated in form of a question, but no matter which form it takes, you will have to answer precisely. Learning how to write a thematic essay helps students brainstorm their ideas, do research, analyze the researched material, build solid arguments and develop writing skills. This kind of paper writing is commonly assigned in colleges around the world, so you have no chance to avoid it. Instead, we highly recommend you spending some time on learning the thematic essay writing strategies now and not worrying next time you face it.

Prewriting the thematic paper

Your first step is going to be reading and evaluating the question in the prompt carefully. As a rule, a thematic essay foresees a respond to a particular question given by professor. Some of these assignments require a critical analysis, while others expect you to just express your personal attitude to that or another issue.

  • Sometimes the topic is already given, but in some cases you need to come up with it on your own. If so, make sure it is interesting and familiar to you and that it meets your researching opportunities.
  • Make sure you understand the question. This is very important, otherwise how are you going to answer? If you have some doubts, we suggest going to your professor and clarifying the moments you are not sure about.
  • Read the requirements carefully. It has to do with the format, style, length of the thematic paper and so on. In order to succeed, all these requirements have to be fulfilled.

Outlining your thematic paper appropriately

Once you clarified all the moments related to the essay question and its requirements, you can proceed to the writing. To start with a good outline is always an effective way to write a paper. You need to come up with the number of paragraphs and the content you will put in each of them.

Write down a list of all ideas that you have just to make sure you won't forget to mention any of them.

Separate the key ideas from additional ones. Every your paragraph will provide a new key idea followed by additional ideas to support your statement.

It's not necessarily to use complete sentences in the outline. All you need is a brief draft just to see the general pattern and make sure you have a solid ground to build your essay on.

Create an outstanding introduction

While introduction will not contain all of your material and instead, it's only going to take a couple of sentences, it is still very important because it will let your reader know whether your paper is interesting or not. Try doing the following:

  • Come up with a strong statement of your main idea and provide it in the first sentence.
  • Grab the reader's attention by means of a hook. This is a trick that attracts attention and makes people want to read your paper.
  • Consider using a quote of a famous person. Some students like this trick because it helps set a specific tone to your essay. If you have such a quote that fits the context and main idea of your essay, you can provide it in the introduction.

Develop your ideas in the body paragraphs

  • Most of the information you have to say in regard to the predetermined theme will be provided in the body paragraphs. You will probably have no more than five of them, depending on the instructions to the paper.
  • Every paragraph should be designed to develop a certain point of view. It looks like a little essay itself, because it starts with an idea, continues with arguments and ends up with conclusions.
  • Keep your sentences clear and narrow. There is no need to use too much words. On the contrary, try to express your ideas in a specific manner, not distracting on too much figurative language.

For some students learning how to write a thematic essay is a big challenge. If it sounds like you, please contact us for additional help.