F.A.Q. about our work

How are theses and master's theses carried out?

In each case, the manager individually negotiates with the client about the order of cooperation, but there is a general algorithm that is adjusted depending on your needs.

Work on a diploma or master's thesis begins with the provision of materials, if any. After several authors got acquainted with the task we make you a commercial offer. If it suits you - you make an advance and the author appointed by us starts work. By the way, you can choose an author from among those who wish to fulfill your order.

The author selects the material and draws up a detailed work plan (the title of the chapters, subsections) that you approve from your supervisor. If you already have a plan - the author will work on it. After the work is ready, a demo is sent to your mail (several pages from different parts of the work), so you can be sure that the work is done and meets the requirements. After receiving the demo version you make the rest of the amount and on the same day you get the full version of the work in electronic form.

After receiving the full version of the work, you agree with the supervisor. If the supervisor has comments - you can send them to us by mail, the author will make the finalization, and we will send a new version. After the work is agreed upon, we can prepare a speech for defense (report), presentation (slides), handouts and other accompanying materials.

How are the course / control / essays / essays performed?

Everything is very simple. You send materials (guidelines, requirements, samples of works), they are studied by the author selected by us, we make you a commercial offer (sometimes several, differing in price, if you want to do a few works, in this case you can choose the author yourself). You make an advance payment of 50%, then wait until the author finishes the work (the average execution time is 5 calendar days). When the work is ready we send a demo version to your mail, so you can be sure that the work is done and meets the requirements. After receiving the demo version you make the rest of the amount and on the same day you get the full version of the work in electronic form. If necessary, the author will refine the comments of the supervisor.

Is it possible to perform work in parts?

It is possible to do the work in parts, but we recommend that you order the whole work, because the phased implementation has a lot of shortcomings, both for us and for the client.

The supervisor looks at the work "in pieces" because of this, he has an incorrect impression and the number of comments increases at times.

It is more difficult for an author to work on individual fragments than on an entire work, because of this, the cost of working "by chapters" increases by an average of 30%.

Due to the stage-by-stage agreement, the execution time increases by an average of 2 times

You will spend several times more time and nerves on phased coordination than with the coordination of full-fledged work.

Nevertheless, we understand that in a number of cases, your professor demand that they be brought to work in parts, and in this case we always meet the client.

Is it possible to work without prepayment?

We work only on prepayment. This is due to the fact that all work is carried out individually, and all professional authors work only on prepayment. In case the client orders a work, and then changes his mind or for some reason cannot pay for the work, the company will incur losses. Advance is our insurance in case the customer is "lost". If somewhere you are offered a work without an advance payment, this means that you are going to be offered a work from the archive under the guise of the author's, and take all the money for yourself. Do not be tempted by improbably favorable terms and low prices! You will lose money, time and nerves, and the work will still have to be ordered elsewhere.

If I order a few works, will they give me a discount?

Of course we will give you a discount. The size of the discount depends on the number of works ordered, as well as their type and complexity. In any case you will be satisfied.

Is it possible to do the work in a foreign language?

We have extensive experience in performing works in various foreign languages. The most popular orders are in French and German. Our authors have successfully completed dozens of works related to the translation and linguistic analysis of various texts, their qualifications allow you to perform work related to foreign languages of any complexity.

In what form will I be provided with a ready-made work?

All works are provided in electronic form. We can send the work to your mail, or write it to your carrier in the office by prior arrangement with the manager.

Who does the work?

We have a large database of specialists in various fields. This allows us to take into account the specifics of your order and choose the most suitable person for its fulfillment.

Do you make changes?

Yes, we are. After you got a work and showed it to the supervisor in the case of any comments, the author will carry out the revision. Finalization is carried out free of charge within the framework of the approved plan and tasks. In some cases, a small surcharge, of course, within reasonable limits, may be required.